2021 Catalog

Give Your Patients Home Care Instructions They Will NOT LOSE Every orthodontic of fi ce offers patients “Home Care Instructions.” Regardless of the format in which they are offered, they must be offered to the patient in a form that must remain in front of the patient throughout treatment. Since 1996, Kamist Promotions has been the leader in offering this information on inexpensive “permanent” products that last throughout treatment. • They do not “get lost” • They may be customized • Done in 4 color digital printing • No extra charges • You get to approve the product before production • Your logo and information appears at all times MAGNETS PERSONALIZED ORTHODONTIC MAGNETS • The ideal method to command the center of home, “The Refrigerator” • Quality .020 magnetic material • Magnetic for any ferrous material, but may be placed in other areas with tacks and/or 2 sided tape NON PERSONALIZED ORTHODONTIC MAGNETS • Studies show that about 1/3 of all orthodontic work is done by NON orthodontists • Starting 2 to 3 cases per month may cause you to not want to order 250 pieces minimum • You can now order 50 pieces. Printed on a writeable surface, there is room to put your name, telephone number and website and a patient’s next appointment. THE ORTHODONTIC DIET CHART © , ORTHODONTIC COMBO CHART © , THE ORTHODONTIC HOME CARE MAGNET © , AND THE ORTHODONTIC FUN HOME CARE MAGNET © , ARE IN THEIR ENTIRE TEXT, COPYRIGHTED PROPERTIES OF KAMIST PROMOTIONS (1996, 1997, 2000). REPRODUC- TION IN ANY FORM WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT IS UNLAWFUL. LABELS • May be applied anywhere. YES, ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! • Using 3M Control Tac® adhesive backing, it may be placed anywhere and moved with no residue remaining from the adhesive • Place on Refrigerators, Laptops, Notebooks, Bathroom Cabinets, Walls, Bulletin Boards, Desktops, File Cabinets and Windows