Welcome to the 20th Anniversary Issue of the Kamist Promotions catalogue. Since our start in 1994, this is our most extensive catalogue.

We are now proud to be able to offer you a larger catalogue that specializes in personalized promotional items exclusively. The products that we are offering to be imprinted are patient friendly, useful to you and your patients, long lasting, and of good quality.

But what we show is not all. Using our useful weblinks, you will have the ability to search for thousands of products through www.pmdm.com (Username KAMIST / Password KAMIS1). PMDM is an industry search engine that will lead you to thousands of products.

We both hope you will allow us to be of assistance to you and your practice in meeting your promotional needs with friendly, personalized and creative professional service.

We look forward to serving you.


Robert A. Lackey
President and CEO


Emily K. Lackey
Vice President and CIO